How It Works

Registering with the site

In order to take part in official West Ham United auctions, you must be a registered member of the site. Go to “Join | Sign in” and then “Create an account”. Membership for this service is free. Once you have received the e-mail confirmation, click on the activation link and you will be sent a verification code by text to your mobile phone. Enter this code in to the box provided and from this point on your account is active and you will be able to bid.


Bidding on live auctions

In any product page, type the value you wish to bid, solve the short security calculation and click on “Bid.” By clicking the “Bid” button you are bound to the bid amount specified until the end of the auction. The winner of the auction is the person who has submitted the highest bid when the auction ends. Notifications via email will be sent:

  • When a bid is made
  • When you are outbid
  • When you have taken part in an auction and not won the item
  • When you have won an item


Bidding logic

  • Placing a bid puts a stake in the ground at the maximum you a willing to spend on an item
  • The sale price of the item is the minimum amount required to win the auction (in increments of £5)
  • In the example below three bids (£300, £400 and £500) have been placed on an item by different bidders. The winner of the auction is ‘Bidder 3’ and the sale price is £405

There are three types of auctions:

  1. Silent reserve - there is no minimum starting price however there is a reserve which will need to be met for the product to sell. A traffic light system indicates if this reserve has been met
  2. Starting price - there is a minimum starting price required to bid on the item
  3. No reserve - there is no minimum starting price and no reserve on the item


Paying for & delivery of items won

On winning an item your product will appear in your online basket and payment is required within 3 days of the date the auction ends. The auctioned goods will be sent after receipt of payment, to the address specified. Further information can be found in our T&Cs, which are provided upon registration of the site.